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    Hello everyone. As promised, we've moved to a better server. The server is located in Montreal, Canada and has an i3-2130 as CPU and 8gb ram. Latency should improve drastically for US players. We do our best to provide a fun and smooth bending experience for our players, however we are limited by the amount of donations and server funds. For our current player count, the server should provide a smooth experience for a reasonable price.

    As for bending, we've always relied on player input for new changes to bending, so please report any bugs. If a feature or improvement is wanted (for example, that others have but we don't) then please comment and notify us. As regarding a reset, it's all up to the players, if there's a majority that agrees about one then we'll give atleast a 2 - 3 week notice before it's executed, with ingame announcements and on the forums. It's all up to you.

    Thanks for reading.
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